Liberate Your Leftover Laceweight

Do you want to reduce your leftover laceweight without having to throw away perfectly good yarn?

The Yarn Lovers’ Starter Bouquet will guide you to effortlessly hand crafting your very own unique 6″ yarn bouquet, which you can keep as a lasting memento of your lace projects, all while reducing your stash of leftovers and the stress that comes with a growing yarn stash.

Ideal for bridesmaids, flower girls, decorating your home, and gift giving!

So what is a Yarn Bouquet?

In it’s most basic form, it is a composition of assorted craft materials.

But, together they create something more than the sum of it’s parts.

A Yarn Bouquet puts the yarn front and centre, displaying its raw beauty.

No stitches. No drape. No gauge. No loose ends.

Just gorgeous yarn, and your love for all it has done, and continues to do, for you.

So let’s imagine your Yarn Bouquet…

How many colours do you have in your stash? One? Or two? Or three?

We’ve got you covered!

The Yarn Lovers’ Starter Bouquet eBook contains recommended layouts whether you have one, two, or three colours in your colour scheme!

Plus a BONUS worksheet if you want to go beyond three colours!

One Colour Bouquet

Two Colour Bouquet

Three Colour Bouquet

"Leftovers can be just as beautiful as the project that created them in the first place"

The Yarn Lovers’ Starter Bouquet eBook isn’t just a 32-page eBook…

Ultimate Tools & Materials List + Worksheets

Full Colour Step-By-Step Photo Tutorials

Links to Video Tutorials for every Module

This is me on my wedding day. With the original yarn bouquet. It used lots of leftovers and I have a lasting memento, not only of my wedding day, but of all the projects those leftovers came from. It took me over seven months to make, but I’ve refined the process and put everything into my eBooks, so that you can achieve the same effect, with a lot less time and effort.

What is included in The Yarn Lovers’ Starter Bouquet eBook?

Module 1: Yarn Choices

Whether you are making a one colour, two colour, or three colour bouquet. Or even if you’re going freestyle. We have recommendations, tables, and worksheets to set you on the right path.

Module 2: The Yarn Ball

The foundation of any yarn bouquet is the yarn ball. With in-depth instructions and tips to complete large and small sized yarn balls, your yarn ends won’t need sewing in anywhere!

Module 3: The Assembly

Possibly the most challenging module if you’re guessing your way through it. Especially if you only have two hands! But we take this module slow and show you the easiest way to construct your bouquet.

Module 4: The Underlayer

From covering the wire sub-frame, to adding layers of tulle for a finished look. This module shows you exactly how to measure and add each layer to build up the finished underlayer.

Module 5: The Handle

This module covers bulking out the handle and reinforcing it, making it both strong and comfortable for you to hold. As well as creating a effortlessly beautiful handle.

Module 6: The Decoration

The final step: decoration. We show you how to add beads, the fiddliest option, as decoration using our quick and easy method. But you can add whatever your heart desires!


As soon as you purchase The Yarn Lovers’ Starter Bouquet eBook you will be sent your usual PayPal receipt as well as an order confirmation email which includes a download link to your eBook. You will get the full 32-page PDF eBook so you can get started right away! Simply click on the link included and the download will start.

If I were to hand craft this bouquet for you, taking into account time, materials, and knowledge, one 6″ bouquet would set you back £220.

But today I’m giving you the opportunity to get the eBook, which contains everything I know to make this bouquet yourself, for a limited time price of only £35 £19!

When I was looking for my bouquet I searched the likes of Etsy, Artfire, Folksy, and ebay, for a bouquet that matched me. I even contacted a few sellers who hand-made bespoke bouquets to get some custom quotes. The highest quote I had for a 12″ bouquet was a whopping £425!

And guess what? £425 didn’t get me any decoration. £425 didn’t get me a bouquet made with real wool. It would be custom made, so it wasn’t returnable. And, I would still have all my own leftovers!

With this eBook you get the full step-by-step creation and assembly instructions to transform your leftover laceweight yarn into a beautiful bouquet.

Recommendations are included throughout, as well as a full materials and tools checklist, but you are free to get creative and:

~ add any decoration you want ~

~ use any yarn you want ~

~ create any layout you want ~

~ and finally, if you’re not happy with the eBook, simply email me with your reason (so I can improve it for others) within 30 days of the initial purchase and you can get a full refund! ~