About Me

Hi, I’m Samantha!

Feel free to call me Sam though – it’s shorter.

That’s me. On my wedding day. With the Yarn Bouquet that started all of this >>

What if I told you that bouquet took me over seven months of trial and error, general guesswork, and lots of hoping, to create?

That’s crazy right!?

And if I told you we booked our venue one year to the day before the actual wedding?

The list if things to organise for a wedding is insane. And I spent seven and half months on one item!

I know that I could have bought a real flower bouquet. But it wouldn’t have kept!

I know that I could have bought, or even made, a silk flower bouquet. But it wouldn’t have been as special!

I know I could have knitted lots of flowers for my bouquet. But the amount of ends to weave in! Not to mention that probably would have taken even longer!

No. It needed to be this.

And it was is beautiful and I’m so pleased I did finish it.

But there are a lot of things I could have made easier on myself.

After the wedding we had a village hall reception for the wider family and friends. I decided to mimic my bouquet with a smaller bouquet for the centre of each table.

Armed with the experience and knowledge of the first one, I improved the process, refined the techniques, and completed 10 smaller bouquets for the table centres in a considerably shorter time frame.

Now they are displayed prominently on windowsills and shelves around my home. As a lasting visual memento of our wedding.

I want other yarn lovers to be able to create a yarn bouquet of their own, but in a simple and guided process, and without a trillion yarn ends to sew in!

The eBooks I have created are filled with those refined techniques, and the improved process, taking away the stress and guesswork for you. Because if it’s one thing I know, it’s that a bride-to-be doesn’t need more stress!

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