Liberate Your Leftover Laceweight

Discover How To Reduce Your Leftover Laceweight Stash, Hand Craft Something Unique, Eliminate The Stress That Comes With Leftovers, And All WITHOUT Throwing Away Perfectly Good Yarn!

You’ve finished knitting a beautiful lace weight shawl. It’s amazing and you can’t wait to wear it.

But you have this little ball of laceweight yarn leftover. What do you do with it?

Maybe you’ll keep it just in case you need to repair a hole in your new shawl?

Or maybe a pattern will come along that will make use of this, and all the other leftover laceweight you have languishing in your stash?

Or maybe you’ll just keep stashing little balls of laceweight yarn here and there around the house, and building to the stress of figuring out what to do with the growing collection.

It's time to turn those leftover laceweight balls into something spectacular!

This is for you if you are…

…a blushing bride looking for an exquisitely beautiful bouquet and boutonniere…

…a designer looking for the next contemporary crafty decor for your home…

…a generous friend looking for a gorgeous gift for the person who has it all…

…or a yarn lover who simply wants to use up some leftover yarn without throwing it away.

Whatever your need… full colour photo tutorials, video guides, and in-depth instructions await you in our range of PDF eBooks that will show you, step-by-step, how to transform your languishing leftovers into your very own Yarn Shawl Pin or Yarn Bouquet!


Start with The Yarn Lovers’ Shawl Pin below (it’s free) to get started…

The Yarn Lovers' Shawl Pin

Ideal for small amounts of leftovers.

Good for boutonnieres, shawl pins, accessories, and gifts. Click the button below to get the eBook for free

The Yarn Lovers' Starter Bouquet

Ideal for lots of small leftovers.

Good for bridesmaids, flower girls, home decor, and gift giving. Click the button below to find out more…

The Yarn Lovers' Ultimate Bouquet

Ideal for large amounts of leftovers.

Good for brides, exquisite home decor, and glamorous gift giving. Coming soon.